Mystery Hill: Attack on the Hill




9:00am - 6:00pm
Long ago, at a Mystery Hill not-so-far-away in the High Country of North Carolina, Mr. Hudson was almost done working when he heard a strange sound and went to investigate. On this fateful night in 1947, Mr. Hudson discovered a glowing green object in the ground and put it on display as an attraction at Mystery Hill. After a fire swept the property some years later, many believed the object to be lost...until now. As part of Mystery Hill's upcoming 75th anniversary, the object will once again be on public display. Management has also decided to offer nightly tours to allow guests to view the greenish glow that enthralled Mr. Hudson all those years ago. However, rumors have started to spread of strange things happening on the property and many believe this is a sign the original owner will do anything to get it back. Join the Underwood family & staff as we defend the property against an alien invasion! More information and tickets will be available soon. Stay tuned!


129 Mystery Hill Lane Blowing Rock, NC 28712



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